Digital Design and Web:

A number of freelance projects through out the years of 2017-2019. Freelance and full time roles.

Dr Martens (Fashion)

  • I where assigned to design e mail newsletter blasts to launch there new product collaborations.

  • App Apparel (Fashion)
    I where assigned to create a home screen website for a tech company called App Apparel, to connect the user to fashion app tags. The website was not launched.

  • Brew Coffee (Cater/Hospitality)
    Concept project for a coffee company, website/branding and merchandise design.

  • Asap54 (Fashion)
    Working for an App called ASAP54 available for ios.
    I designed weekly newsletters and concepts for the social media platforms.

  • Fortysix (Advertising)
    A start up company called fortysix, I where assigned to create the website and branding material.

  • OnePlus (Tech)
    A job brief to complete a concept for a mobile company to promote ‘April fools day’ and the launch of there new drone.

  • Vectone
    Working for this company to design banners and assets for there website, programs used the whole adobe suite.

  • Tru Rating
    The task was to re invent there website working along with the brand guidelines. Web/Mobile version.

  • Euro Car Parks
    Euro Car Parks
    The task was to re create the Euro Car parks website to simplify the layout to more of a sophisticated audience, my idea was to use more clean photos, and a less content heavy approach.